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About Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti is an American technology company specializing in low cost wireless data communication products for enterprise and wireless broadband providers. Ubiquiti primarily focus on under-served and emerging markets

The Ubiquiti product range can be solely utilized to implement a complete, managed network. Ubiquiti offer versatile solutions for enterprise wireless, wireless broadband and wired networking installations.

My Attendance make exclusive use of Ubiquiti products for NaaS (Networking as a service) implementations. This is largely due to the reliability and durability of the products offered by Ubiquiti.

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Why Ubiquiti?

  • Cost effective wireless data solutions
  • Scalable enterprise wireless data
  • Versatile indoor and outdoor access points
  • Effective for long range wireless network camera installations

Ubiquiti products

  • Managed wireless access points (WiFi)
  • Broadband wireless infrastructure
  • Integrated wireless network cameras
  • Wired and wireless fiber networking products

Ubiquiti services offered by My Attendance

  • Ubiquiti installers in Cape Town
  • Ubiquiti installers in Johannesburg
  • Ubiquiti wireless outdoor installations
  • Networking as a service (NaaS) utilizing Ubiquiti infrastructure

Why My Attendance?

Partner with My Attendance to implement your network. Our professional networking team will consult with you on a network solution utilizing Ubiquiti infrastructure. Our services that utilize Ubiquiti include: Remote wireless network cameras, Managed wireless (WiFi) networks and long distance wireless broadband. As an industry leading boutique networking services provider, We offer unparalleled NaaS (networking as a service) and SLA (service level agreement) services.

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