Paradox MG5050 Promotional DIY Kit

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Paradox MG5050 Promotional Kit

Limited Offer!

Get a Paradox MG5050 Kit with: 1 x MG5050 Panel , 1 x Enclosure , 1 x Battery , 1 x PSU , 1 x LCD Keypad , 2 x Rem2 Remotes , 2 x PMD2 Wireless PIR , 2 x DCTXP2 Medium Wireless Door Contacts.

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Limited Offer – Paradox MG5050 DIY Promotional Kit

My Attendance is offering this Paradox promotion for a limited time. Prices are subject to change. Installation is not included. Configuration is included.

Installation not included – Contact us for an installation quotation.

Kit includes:

1 x Paradox MG5050 Wireless/Wired Alarm Panel (Rem2)(433Mhz)

1 x Paradox Metal Enclosure

1 x Spectrum 50Va Transformer

1 x 12V 7AH Backup Battery

1 x 15W Siren

1 x LCD Keypad

2 x Paradox PMD2 Wireless PIR

2 x Paradox DCTXP2 Medium Door Contact

2 x Paradox Rem2 Transceiver Remote

1 x Panel Pre Programming

1 Year Warranty as standard. Free Shipping in JHB

Contact us for a quote on installation

MG5050 Common Features

  • StayD Mode
  • Built in transceiver (433Mhz or 868Mhz)
  • 32 Zones (Any of which can be wireless)
  • 32 users and 32 remote controls (one per user)
  • 2 partitions
  • 4-wire communication bus (connect up to 15 keypads)
  • Supports REM3 hand-held remote keypad
  • Supports up to 8 K32RF / K37 wireless keypads
  • Supports up to 2 RPT1 wireless repeaters
  • Supports PCS Series
  • Supports IP150 Internet Module
  • Supports VDMP3 Plug-in voice dialer
  • Supports 16 PGMs (any of which can be wireless)
  • Supports iParadox app
  • In-field firmware upgrade via 307USB and BabyWare / WinLoad
  • Menu-driven programming for the Installer, Master and Maintenance codes
  • Multiple telephone numbers for event reporting: 3 monitoring, 5 for Personal Dialing and 1 for pager
  • Patented 2 opto coupler dialer circuit – the most reliable dialer in the industry (US Patents 5751803, RE39406)
  • Calendar with Daylight savings Time
  • New Sleep arming method
  • Push button power reset
  • RF Jamming Supervision
  • 9.6k baud communication with BabyWare & Winload
  • 256 events buffered
  • Supports Memory Key (PMC5)
  • Fits in a 20cm x 25.5cm x 7.6cm (8in x 10in x 3in) metal box or in a 28cm x 28cm x 7.6cm (11in x 11in x 3in) metal box
  • EN 50131 grade 2


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 20 cm

433MHz, 868Mhz

Door Contact Colour

White, Brown


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