About Us

Who we are.

Paradigm Dynamix t/a My Attendance

We are a group of like-minded individuals who believe that service equals growth. Our aim has always been to provide our client with honest advice based on tried-and-true industry knowledge. We adopt a "no nonsense" approach when it comes to the security of our clients, their families and their businesses. 

We look to promote honesty, service-levels and pro-activeness in our organisation.  

Our aim is to become the industry leader in security installations. Our intention is to lead our industry in quality of work, quality of service and quality of equipment. 

Why My Attendance?

Truly empowered technology

Technology is a medium that has the ability to empower human beings. Technology is helping to allow more people to do more. Technology is the cornerstone of efficiency in any modern business. 

The team at My Attendance are true lovers of technology and technology utilization. We provide the best Technology and Technical support to our clients in order to ensure maximum utilization of their technology investment. 

Expect great service, superior product knowledge and proactive support.

A Unique Approach.

No downtime for SLA clients.

My Attendance is a truly "client-centric" security solution provider.

We create our solutions based on the movements, habits and skill levels of our clients. For our tech, we employ a combination of "best-of-breed" and "tried-and-tested". This allows for highly capable systems with unparalleled reliability.  

Our emphasis on pro-activity and ongoing training ensures little-to-no downtime as well as system longevity. 

With My Attendance, you'll never have to upgrade again.